Versionshistorik Artportalens API:er

Senast ändrad: 05 september 2023

Releaseversion 5 september 2023

Artportalen version 2.20.3

Response for Area model now includes property "shortName".

ShortName is abbreviations for provinces.

Affected endpoints:



Response for Site model now includes property "presentationNameParishRegion".

PresentationNameParishRegion is the full name of the site as presented in Artportalen.

Affected endpoints:


Releaseversion 27 juni 2023

Artportalen version 2.20.0


Response now includes properties

  ratingId - media rating

  ratingUserId - user id for user that rated the media


No endpoint for possible rating id values.

List of values:

  • 0 Media is not rated.
  • 2 Media relevant for the sighting but does not show taxon.
  • 3 Media shows taxon but is not representative.
  • 4 Media shows taxon.
  • 5 Media is representative for taxon.

Releaseversion 24 mars 2022

Artportalen version 2.17.5


Added parameter geometryWkt to make it possible to create sites that are polygons.

Parameter geometryWkt only handles the geometry type POLYGON, no other types.

Information about geometry types :

When providing a geometryWkt parameter additional values for northing- and easting coordinates will be ignored and are set to the centroid of the geometry.

Releaseversion 31 januari 2022

Artportalen version 2.17.0


Returns a list of sightingsId's that has been deleted since a specified time.

Response now also includes

  • sightings that after update are "protected by system"
  • sightings that are grouped ("grupperade till flock-fynd")

Releaseversion 13 januari 2022

Artportalen version 2.16.9


Parameter "controllingOrganizationId" is added to the request.

If "controllingOrganizationId" is included in the posted content the ownership of the created sighting is given to the specified organization.

Values for "controllingOrganizationId" are provided from SLU Artdatabanken.


Ownership of sighting means the right to edit the sighting.

Normally the reporter of the sighting has the ownership.

If ownership is given to an organization only authorized members of the organization can edit the sighting.

Releaseversion 24 november 2021

Artportalen version 2.16.7


Finds taxa by name search.
Now also finds taxa by synonyms.

ex. search on "karljohan" returns "stensopp".

Taxa_GetTaxaBySearch is a copy of the obsoleted method Taxa_GetTaxaByIncrementalSearch.
Switch to Taxa_GetTaxaBySearch instead.

Taxa_GetTaxaByIncrementalSearch will be removed from the API from April 1 2022.

New sorting options

Taxa_GetTaxaBySearch and Taxa_GetChildrenForTaxon

New sorting options:
SightingCount - number of sightings reported for taxon
SightingCountAggregated - number of sightings reported for all childtaxa (plus number of sightings reported for the taxon)

This option makes it possible to present list of taxa in a "most common"-order.

Releaseversion 7 juni 2021

Artportalen version 2.16.3



Polygon data “sitePolygon” is added to the response.

Site is a polygon if sitePolygon has data in response. Points in polygon returned in polygonCoordinateArray.
If sitePolygon is empty the site is a point.

{"sitePolygon": {
"coordinateSystemName": "string",
"epsg": 0,
"coordinateSystemId": 0,



Projects_GetProjectById and Projects_GetProjectsBySearch

"areaTypeId" is added to the response.

Makes it possible to connect specific area types to a project (ex. “Natura 2000”, “Skyddad natur”)

New methods


New endpoint - Gets areas with polygons. 

Areas with matching areaTypeId and intersecting a bounding box will be returned.

Parameters in request:
areaTypeId – type of area. See endpoint AreaTypes_GetAreaTypes for possible values.
boundingBox - Bounding box in standard format "left,bottom,right,top" in Google Mercator coordinates.

Response includes polygon with all points (coordinates) that makes up the full polygon. Coordinates are in Google Mercator format.


New endpoint - Check if sighting meets the conditions to be "protected by system".

Send sighting data in the request.

Response will return boolean true if sighting will be “protected by system” when saved in Artportalen otherwise boolean false will be returned.

Releaseversion 8 October 2020

Artportalen version 2.14.6.


Projects_GetProjectById and Projects_GetProjectsBySearch

Added to the response: 

  • List of taxa for a project - Property: Project Taxa
  • Allow members to create sites - Property: allowMembersToCreateSites
List of taxa for a project  - Property: Project Taxa

Used to define a list of taxa handled by the project.

"projectTaxa": [


      "type": 0,

      "hasChildren": 0,

      "name": "string",

      "id": 0,

      "scientificName": "string",

      "auctor": "string",

      "speciesGroupId": 0,

      "systematicOrder": 0,

      "sightingName": "string",

      "protectionLevelId": 0



Allow members to create sites - Property: allowMembersToCreateSites 

Indicates if project members are allowed to create new project sites.

If value = false; sightings have to be reported on existing project sites.

Property: allowMembersToCreateSites (true/false)

The following methods now includes "includedByTaxonId" in the response

  • Taxa_GetTaxaByIncrementalSearch
  • Taxa_GetTaxaBySpeciesGroup
  • Taxa_GetTaxonById
  • Taxa_GetChildrenForTaxon
  • Sightings_GetSightingById
  • Sightings_GetSightingsBySearch

Response includes now property "includedByTaxonId" which points out the taxon's parent when taxon is ranked lower then “art” (taxoncategory id = 17)
Ex) subspecies "Kärrsnäppa, underarten schinzii" has "includedByTaxonId" = 205617 ("Kärrsnäppa").* Property IncludedByTaxonId

Releaseversion 26 February 2020

Artportalen version 2.13.8.

New method


List of all RegionalSightingState values. See RecentSightings_GetRecentSightingsBySearch that returns value.




Due to performance problems the method is redesigned. The method is now significantly faster.

 In the response the following properties are removed/replaced:

  • "editable"
  • "sightingState" - all returned sightings are in state "PUBLISHED" (or possibly not yet re-published after being edited)
  • "privateComment"
  • "publicComment"
  • "projects" (the full projects object) is replaced by "projectId"
  • "biotopeDescription"
  • "substrateDescription"
  • "substrateSpeciesDescription"
  • "discoveryMethod" is replaced by "discoveryMethodId"


  • Site - "isPublicBirdSite"

Use Sightings_GetSightingsById to get data for properties that were removed in this version of Sightings_GetSightingsBySearch.


Improved result. Exact match is returned as the first item in response. 



returns as first result

"type": 17,
"hasChildren": 1,
"name": "En",
"id": 222146,
"scientificName": "Juniperus communis",
"auctor": "L.",
"speciesGroupId": 1,
"systematicOrder": 87973,
"sightingName": "En"


1) Parameter "dateEdited" added to the request:

  • Limits the result to sightings that have been created or changed since a certain date. Since the "dateEdited" is set at the database record when the record is inserted or updated, changed values might be properties that are not part of the result of this request.
  • Using the "dateEdited" makes it possible change client logic. It is no longer necessary to get all data to reflect changes made or to get new records. A performance benefit both for the client and our server.

2) Three new properties added in the response:

The method response now includes: 

  • Coordinates for the site in "xCoord" and "yCoord" in Google Mercator projection.
  • "RegionalSightingState" contains information about the observed taxon.

Check new method RegionalSightingsStates_GetRegionalSightingStates for all values. 

Sites_GetSitesBySearch and Sites_GetSiteById

Response includes property

  • "isPublicBirdSite": true/false

Sites_PostSite and Sites_PutSite

Possible to connect the new site to an existing parent site.

  • New parameter "parentId" in request.

Valid parent sites have "isPublicBirdSite" = true


Releaseversion 10 december 2019

Artportalen version 2.13.7.




Both methods are now returning correct responses.

Releaseversion 19 september 2019

Artportalen version 2.13.4.



New default string matching pattern ”BeginsWith”.
Available string matching operators: “BeginsWith”, “Contains”, “EndsWith”

Taxa Methods

The following methods are now possible to query by “speciesNamesLanguageId” to retrieve names of taxa based on a specific language:


The following method is now including “speciesNamesLanguageId” in the response:

Releaseversion 5 september 2019

Artportalen version 2.13.4.



Result set limit increased to 1000 rows.
Parameter "sortOrder" now defaults to "Score".

Area Methods

The following methods now include "bbox" in the response:


Releaseversion 4 februari 2019

Artportalen version 2.12.8.

Ny metod/New method


New method to list all Nature conservation species facts



Parameter "NotPresent" now defaults to "DontIncludeNotPresent" if left unset.

Current behaviour:
notPresent left blank -> DontIncludeNotPresent
notPresent = false -> DontIncludeNotPresent
notPresent = true -> IncludeNotPresent


Now possible to add searchparameters
- redlistCategoryIds
- natureConservationSpeciesFactIds

Sighting_PostSightings and Sighting_PutSightings

Changed order for observers.
Now the first observer in the list "observerIds" will be displayed as first observer at


Returns english names of taxa if the user has set “English” in her/his user profile.

Currently only speciesgroup birds have english names.

To get english names:
- change speciesnamelanguage in Artportalen's ( user profile.
- call method with user credentials

Rättade buggar/fixed bugs


Fixed bug. Method crashed when trying to return > 300 records.

Releaseversion 24 januari 2019

Artportalen version 2.12.7.



Response includes now property "includedByTaxonId" which points out the taxon's parent.
Ex) subspecies "Kärrsnäppa, underarten schinzii" has "includedByTaxonId" = 205617 ("Kärrsnäppa").

The following methods now includes "SightingName" in the response


"SightingName" should be used when displaying name of taxon for an observation,
Ex) Observation for "hackspettar" should be displayed as "Ob. hackspett" (taxonid: 2002098)

Replaced method

Method Taxa_GetProbableTaxaBySearch is removed and replaced by Taxa_GetProbableTaxa

Rättade buggar/fixed bugs

Fixed bug. "Type" does not return correct value.

TaxonCategoryId is returned as propertyName "type" in

Returned value was not correct.

"Type" represents which category a taxon has.
The taxon categories are listed in the PDF doc (Species Information API documentation) which can be found at

Releaseversion 13 december 2018

Artportalen version 2.12.6.


Method will be removed

The method Taxa_GetProbableTaxaBySearch will be removed in a release after February 13 2019. Do not use this method.


Replaced method 

The new method Taxa_GetProbableTaxa replaces Taxa_GetProbableTaxaBySearch.

Taxa_GetProbableTaxa (/taxa/occurrence) has performance advantages compared with the old method. 

Data are pre-calculated on yearly basis.


  • parentTaxonId: top taxonid in taxon hierarchy. Result consists of taxa that has parentTaxonId as parent.
  • XCoord + YCoord: represents a point. Submit in RT90 coordinate system.
  • range: approx. radius in km from point XCoord + YCoord
  • startDate: date expressed in YYYY-MM-DD
  • weeks: Number of weeks to check for taxa occurrence. Valid values are: 0, 1, 2.
    0 = Week for {startDate} (default value).
    1 = Week for {startDate} + previous week + next week.
    2 = Week for {startDate} + two previous weeks + two next weeks.

Rättade buggar/fixed bugs

Fixed bug for "The Transaction property of the command has not been initialized."

  • Areas_GetTaxaCountByAreaId

Releaseversion 4 december 2018

Artportalen version 2.12.5.

Ny funktionalitet/New functionality

Metoder för hantering av diffusering av fynd. 

Läs om diffusering av fynd (svenska)
For information about site diffusion see (english) 

Diffusion (Diffusion_GetDiffusions)
Gets a list of all possible diffusion values (id 0 is used for undiffused coordinates).

Site GET (different methods)
All GET operations that returns Site(s) includes property for 

  • "diffusion"
    Site is diffused by this value (approx. meters)
    Value = 0 = Site is not diffused.
  • "isCoordinateDiffused"
    true: Coordinates are diffused.
    false: Coordinates are NOT diffused.


Now possible to include "diffusion" to mark that the real coordinates should be hidden.

Valid values are returned by Diffusion_GetDiffusions

Rättade buggar/fixed bugs

Fixed bug for SortField=SystematicOrder

  • RecentSightings_GetRecentSightingsBySearch


Fixed bug for "The Transaction property of the command has not been initialized"

  • Areas_GetTaxaByAreaId

Releaseversion 17 oktober 2018

Artportalen version 2.12.4.

Rättade buggar

Offset-Limit fungerar ej för atlasmetoder. 

Felmeddelande skickas vid användning av Offset-Limit.

Metoder som berörs:

  • Atlas_GetTaxaListInAtlasCell
  • Atlas_GetMissingTaxaInAtlasCell

Nu returnerar Offset-Limit svar. Obs! Se dokumentation för begränsning.

"Distance" - fungerar inte. Resultatet blir alltid "Distance: -1.0"

Metoder som berörs:
• Sites_GetSitesBySearch

Nu returnerar Distance rätt svar.

Felaktig implementation av Offset-Limit

I nuvarande implementation fungerar Offset-Limit så här:
Offset=100&limit=124 => visar träff 100 – 124

Metoder som berörs:

  • Sightings_GetSightings

Efter rättning är limit relativ offset:
Offset=100&limit=25 => visa träff 100 – 124

Det går inte att utelämna antal eller ange 0 för antal vid rapportering. (Obs! Gäller endast skriv-API)

Vid utelämnande av ”quantity” eller att 0 skickas in får man ett felmeddelande tillbaka. 

Metoder som berörs:

  • Sightings_PostSighting

Värdet för "quantity" kan utelämnas och resulterar då i Quantity = NULL, vilket gör att observationen står som ”noterad”.


Artgrupp läggs till i returnerat svar i metoder som hämtar observationer

Metoder som berörs:

  • Sightings_GetSightingByID
  • Sightings_GetSightingsBySearch

SpeciesGroupID läggs till i returnerat svar.
Förtydligande av dokumentation

Ingen funktionell förändring av funktionen endast förtydligande av dokumentation.

Metoder som berörs:

  • Areas_GetTaxaByAreaId

Ny dokumentation:
Anropet fungerar endast för kommuner och landskap och returnerar bara data för taxa som finns i Artportalens listor.
med AreaTypeId = 1 (kommuner)
med AreaTypeId = 16 (landskap)
De id som returneras kan sedan användas i Areas_GetTaxaByAreaId.