Prerevisional checklist and synonymy of the bees of Sweden

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The present work is a preliminary checklist of the taxa of bees of Swedish origin principally according to literature sources 1742–2002. Valid taxa of species and races are subtended by their respective historical record of invalid names.

The major purpose of the list is threefold. First, to create the pre-condition for producing a National Key that rests on a correct revision of the Swedish bee species and their distribution. Second, to contribute to an updated correctly species-tied facts basis for the production of a new edition of the Swedish red-list in 2005. Third, to pave the way for the production of a species-correct nature protection guide to the bees that will serve toward a sustainable development with nature in this country. 

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Publicerad av: SLU Artdatabanken
Publiceringsår: 2003
Antal sidor: 111
Omslagsbild: Anders Nilsson 2002
ISBN (digital): 978-91-87853-51-7
Författare: Anders Nilsson, Swedish Wild Bee Project


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