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For you who develop applications.

Contact form: API and WFS

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For questions that you may encounter when searching for knowledge about species.

Contact: artfakta@artdatabanken.se

To Artfakta



For support errands conerning Artportalen.

Contact form: Artportalen support

Frequently asked questions (in Swedish)


Dyntaxa or taxonomy

When you need information about naming and classification.

Contact: dyntaxa@slu.se

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Findings, protected species and requests for withdrawals

If you need help with large withdrawals and protected species. 

Contact: fynddata@artdatabanken.se

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Funding from the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative

Nature types experts

Find expert biologists who are responsible for various nature types.

Contact information: Nature types experts

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Species experts

Find expert biologists by organism group.

Contact information: Species experts

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Other questions and errands

General questions or official errends (such as referrals). For questions concerning species determination we firstly refer to the relevant help page.

Contact: artdatabanken@slu.se



Main Image: © Johan Samuelsson/SLU Swedish Species Information Centre

Published: 09 October 2023 - Page editor: anton.nystrom@slu.se