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The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative

A unique project with the purpose to identify and describe all species of animals, plants and fungi in Sweden, prioritizing poorly known species and organism groups.

The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative

Sweden's biodiversity is much richer than previously thought. In 2002 SLU Swedish Species Information Centre (SSIC) was commissioned by the Swedish Parliament to identify all species of multicellular plants, fungi and animals in the country and make the information available to scientists, conservationists and the public.

Steering committee of the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative


  • Erica Mejlon, SLU Swedish Species Information Centre (president)
  • Stefan Ekman, Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University
  • Kjell Arne Johanson, The Swedish Museum of Natural History
  • Thomas Strid, consultant
  • Stine Svalheim Markussen, Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, Norway
  • Tea von Bonsdorff Salminen, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Finland
  • Rasmus Hovmöller, SLU Swedish Species Information Centre (secretary)


Main image: © Geir Mogen

Illustration: © Helena Samuelsson/SLU Swedish Species Information Centre

Published: 04 December 2023 - Page editor: anton.nystrom@slu.se