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Last changed: 13 December 2023

1. Create an account

Account creation

2. Choose application for reporting

The Artportalen Mobile Reporting

Simple reporting in your smartphone.

If you need to report directly from your mobile device, whether you report the odd sighting or are a regular reporter, Mobile Reporting is made for convenient use on a smartphone. You report your sightings one by one.

The Artportalen Checklist

(in Swedish only) – use a checklist to report when on the go.

The Artportalen Checklist is a webpage built for reporting species using a smartphone while in the field. The species are checked off of a list, based on your location and the current time of year. The checklist can be used for all organism groups but works best for species that are possible to identify in the field, and that generate reasonably long lists, e.g. birds, butterflies and dragonflies. We first and foremost recommend the Artportalen Checklist to relatively experienced observers.

Everything in one place. is the foundation of our web applications. Here, most functions can be found. is made for use on a desktop computer and does not work as well on mobile devices.

3. Additional steps

  1. Log in
  2. Enter sighting information
    1. Species: If you are uncertain you can report at a higher rank, e.g. genus, or check “Uncertain identification“
    2. Date and time
    3. Place:
      1. Name of place. Preferrably more specific than e.g., Ultuna Campus
      2. Coordinates + Accuracy (can be had automatically when using a cell phone)
    4. Project: ”Campus Biodiversity Challenge” unless you are reporting from one our five largest campuses Ultuna, Alnarp, Skara, Skinnskatteberg or Umeå (NB! Not possible to enter using the Mobile Reporting)
    5. Upload a photo: Optional but appreciated
    6. Other optional information
  3. Optional review before you publish
  4. Check the progress of your campus at the Theme Page