Basic principles Artportalen

Last changed: 15 May 2023

Your sightings are displayed openly

Artportalen is an open system for searches and recording of sightings. This means that the sightings reported by the users are intended for common use. Once a sighting is recorded, it instantly becomes fully visible to all other users. The intention behind this is to stimulate the interest in plants, fungi and animals among the general public and increase the public understanding of conservation measures, while at the same time rendering the conservation efforts more efficient.

Sensitive species are protected

The Species Observation System is an open system, and the recorded observations are for common use, except in the case of certain sensitive species in need of protection. These species are assigned to one of several security levels. Sightings of protected species are, to a varying extent, withheld or diffused, to protect the species from e.g. disturbance, collection and persecution. The security classification is conducted by experts at the Swedish Species Information Centre and its associate Expert Committees. Sightings of protected species are shown only to the reporter and the observer/s and, after special application, to certain authorised external users.

You are the owner of your sightings

The reporter of a sighting is normally also the owner of it. Owner and reporter may, however, be different persons if the reporter works for someone else, who e.g. provides funding for an inventory. In the event of the death of the reporter, the ownership may also be transferred to another person. Only the owner of a sighting is entitled to alter or delete it. An authorised validator may, however, disallow sightings.

Certain selected sightings require validation

It is the responsibility of each reporter that his/her records are as accurate as possible in terms of species, location and any additional information. To further guarantee the quality of the recorded data, certain selected sightings are subject to evaluation by authorised validators; usually members of the NGOs associated with Artportalen, but occasionally also independent experts.

Secure and long term data storage

By reporting to Artportalen you have chosen a safe and long-term solution for your observation data. The Swedish Species Information Centre is responsible for managing your finds with the aim that they should contribute to conservation efforts. Our policies for handling sensitive species have evolved over nearly three decades and ensures that these particular species are protected from disturbance. Artportalen’s data is gaining wider use in the community and is used not only by individuals and societies but also an increasing number of government authorities and agencies, both for storage and as a basis for conservation work.