Information to data subjects about the processing of personal data at SLU Swedish Species Information Centre

Last changed: 14 April 2023

Data controller

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is the data controller for the processing of your personal data. Your contact for this processing is Cecilia Nordström (

The data protection officer at SLU (Privacy and Data Protection Function Unit) can be reached at or by phone at 018-67 20 90.


We collect, store, process and make available data, including personal information, to promote conservation, research and disseminate knowledge about species and habitats.

We collect, store, process and make available personal data

  • to enable quality assessment of the information reported to the Swedish Species information Centre.
  • to be able to correctly name the person who has supplied the facts or otherwise contributed to the production of the content in accordance with good journalistic practice and as part of the quality assurance.
  • to provide other users with quality-assured data.
  • to develop and deliver effective and high-quality applications and services linked to needs for information and to support the purposes of this section.
  • to permit the production of charts, analysis and statistics.
  • to enable login and user account management.
  • to facilitate contact between users.

We additionally process any personal data that users choose to provide.

SLU will also process your personal data as required for SLU to comply with regulations on public documents and the archives of public authorities.

More on SLU Swedish Species Information Centre's web applications can be found on the organisations home page.

Legal basis

The web applications of SLU Swedish Species Information Centre are openly available free of charge. To obtain access to extended functionality, for example to be able to report and analyse observation data, it is necessary to create a user account. Such user accounts are governed by the Terms and Conditions for account holders at SLU Swedish Species information Centre. The account holder hence enters into an agreement with SLU and SLU processes personal data in the manner required to uphold this agreement.

Provision of SLU Swedish Species Information Centre’s web applications is a component of SLUs environmental monitoring and assessment programme according to regulations (1993:221) concerning SLU, chapter 1a §. The specific work of SLU Swedish Species Information Centre is described in the document ‘Instructions for the Swedish Species Information Centre’, SLU ua 2014.1.1.1-3204. The processing of personal information within these web applications is therefore required to fulfill a task of general interest.

SLU Swedish Species Information Centre otherwise deals with personal data in such a manner as required by SLU to comply with the requirements for government authorities to archive official documents. This is an undertaking of public interest and in accordance with Swedish law.

Transfer of personal data

Certain personal data concerning the reporter/account holder is displayed openly in applications and can be available either via APIs or manually to other authorities, voluntary organisations and other parties. This information is transferred according to the valid user terms and conditions that are accepted by the account holder.

Personal data that the account holder themselves have chosen to be visible will be available to other in-logged account holders.

The first name, second name and postal town connected to an observation will be transferred to users internationally via the services of SLU Swedish Species Information Centre.

Information on the usage of the services of SLU Swedish Species Information Centre including personal information is transferred to Google Analytics and stored there the shortest possible period before automatic deletion.


In accordance with the regulations on public documents, SLU may disclose your personal data to anyone who requests a public document that includes your data, unless they are subject to non-disclosure.

Storing data

Your personal data connected to published information will be stored as long as there is a need to have that data connected to the information.

Your personal data will also be stored for as long as required by the Public Access to Information Act and the regulations on the archives of public authorities.

Your personal data connected with a specific account at SLU Swedish Species Information Centre is stored as long as the account is active.

Your rights

You have the right, under certain circumstances, to have your personal data erased, corrected or limited. You also have the right of access to the personal data being processed and you have the right to object to the processing of your data. Contact the Privacy and Data Protection Function Unit to exercise your rights.


If you have any comments on the processing of personal data at SLU, contact the Privacy and Data Protection Function at, 018-67 20 90.

You can take your complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority if you are not happy with the answer provided by SLU, or 08-657 61 00.

Read more at The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection's


This information to data subjects concerning the processing of personal data at SLU is written in Swedish and the Swedish language will govern any interpretation.