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New login page

Published: 08 May 2019

From Thursday 9th May will ArtDatabanken’s digital services have a single login. This means that Artportalen will have a new login page and the first time you login you will need to have your password available.

The new login system means that you can use one account for all of ArtDatabanken’s different services: Artportalen, the Checklist, and (from May 14th) Artfakta and the mobile version of Artportalen. Those who have an account in Artportalen can continue to use the same userid and password as before, but because the login page is new your web browser will not remember saved passwords. The first time you log in from the new pages you must enter your password.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset your password by clicking ‘Återställ glömt lösenord’. Note that you must be able to enter either your userid or email address to be able to reset your password.