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Register now for SciFest 2020

Published: 17 October 2019
girl looking through a magnifying glass at an insect

SciFest offers a unique opportunity for you as a researcher to awaken young people's curiosity and desire to understand and find out more.

SciFest is Sweden's second largest science festival where curious people of all ages can try and get a taste of research and its applications in all fields of science.

Now you have the opportunity to join and share your research and your research area.

SciFest will take place at Fyrishov in Uppsala between March 5-7, 2020.

Last day of registration: December 10th 2019

Here you can read more and find the registration link.


Tomas Linder, Associate professor (docent)
Department of Molecular Sciences , Uppsala BioCenter, SLU   018-67 32 04

Rebecca Rikner, Event coordinator
Department of Communication, SLU   018-67 24 01   072-21 23 795