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Large groups of organisms are still virtually unknown to science. The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative (STI) supports research and inventories directed towards these groups

Taxonomy and Systematics

There are no reliable identification keys or handbooks for these poorly known groups. Thus, scientists often encounter great difficulties in distinguishing species and using their names unambiguously. For these groups basic science is necessary - to reveal the basic taxonomy (which species are there?), nomenclature (what should they be called?) and systematic relationships (how are they related to each other and to other groups?). This research is carried out by both Swedish and international researchers.


Inventories are often necessary in order to find out which species are present in Sweden. In many cases they are performed as an integrated part of a research project. In other cases specialist field workers carry out more generalized sampling of poorly known organismal groups or poorly sampled habitats. 

STI's grants for support to taxonomic research and inventories

The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative supports research and inventories through yearly advertised grants. Grant proposals are reviewed by independent experts, and decisions are taken by the Steering Committee of the STI.

Grants to apply for

The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative yearly announces grants for taxonomic research and inventories within poorly known organismal groups. This page gives general information about the announcements and other opportunities to apply for grants for taxonomic research, workshops and inventories.

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