Last changed: 20 April 2018

The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative at ArtDatabanken (Swedish Species Information Centre, SSIC), SLU, yearly announces grants for taxonomic research and inventories within poorly known organismal groups in Sweden. This page contains information on the present announcement.

Grants for taxonomic research and inventories

The present announcement concerns grants for 2019 and the last day of application is 1 June 2018. The next announcement will be made in the second half of April 2019. “Särskilt forskningsstöd av mindre omfattning” can be sought at any time during the year.

How to apply

Write your application using the application form in Word-format. Download the form by clicking here.

You also need to include a project description (maximum 8 pages), CV for the application and co-applicants/cooperative partners. An overview over enclosures that should be sent to the STI can be found on page six (last page) of the application form. Make sure that your application is complete! Detailed instructions on how to fill in the application form is provided on the last page of the form.

Don’t forget to read this text before you start writing your application.

The application (a signed original and nine copies) should be with the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative at the latest 1 June 2018. A digital version should also be sent by e-mail to The digital version should contain: 1) A file in pdf-format containing the complete application with signatures and all enclosures, 2) The application form (without signatures) and the project description in Word-format. 


The application form is filled out either in Swedish or English, the project description and other enclosures should be written in English. The popular science abstract should be written in Swedish and English. 


The following standard sums are used: Ph.D. student 550 000 SEK/year (maximum 4 years), Post-doc in Sweden 620 000 SEK/year (maximum 3 years), Guest researcher 765 000 SEK/year (maximum 3 years), Senior Researcher 800 000 SEK/year (maximum 3+3 years). When standard sums are not applicable the estimated cost should be given, including all salary costs (but excluding indirect costs).

What happens to your application after 1 June?

All complete application will be evaluated by experienced taxonomists/systematists within the Scientific Advisory Board of the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative. The evaluation follows guidelines that have been established by the Steering Committee of the STI. The guidelines are in Swedish and can be sent for by e-mailing  Rikard Sundin. The Board ranks all applications and suggests which applications should be granted support, and how much. The final decision is taken by the Director of ArtDatabanken.

You will be notified of the decision regarding your application during the first half of November 2018.


Rikard Sundin, Research Officer The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative
Swedish Species Information Centre, SLU, +4618672574, +46705802574